The Most Comfortable 05 Keyboard Laptop You'll Ever Use

Only the greatest keyboard laptop can actually provide a relaxing and seamless typing experience. Cheap keyboard laptop from Amazon will get the job done for your everyday typing needs, but they won’t be as quick or responsive as better keyboards. More significantly, they won’t put ergonomics first.

05 Keyboard Laptop for comfortable work

Apple MacBook Pro – Comfortable keyboard Laptop

Many customers who bought some of Apple’s earlier MacBook models were harmed by a deadly fault that was present in those models. The “butterfly keyboard” was the name of this catastrophic defect. The faulty design of the butterfly switches, which failed customers in a variety of ways, prompted Apple to recall many of its products and start a global program offering free repairs to impacted users.

Do not be deterred from purchasing one of their newer MacBook models if you have heard horror stories about keys that abruptly stopped functioning, regularly double-typed text, became stuck, or became spongy and sluggish. After realizing their error, they have, with a few changes of course, gone back to the more conventional “scissor-switch” design as of 2019.

Durability and dependability of the keyboard are two significant enhancements. Apple was unwilling to compromise their slim design with any scissor switch, but they were also not going to stick with the flawed butterfly design. Instead, they chose to develop a much more robust glass fiber-based, ultra-thin scissor switch.

Additionally, a rubber dome in the key’s center adds some additional feedback. Together, these features result in a keyboard that is less likely to deteriorate over time and has a more tactile feel.

Rating:   9.8/10

Dell XPS 17 9720 – comfortable and responsive keyboard

The laptop has one of the best keyboards of any laptop we tested in terms of the typing experience. It has keys that are extremely tactile and a solid but soft-to-the-touch carbon fiber deck. The keys are responsive and pleasant overall, have adequate travel, and have ample of space between each key. It’s a pleasure to type on this laptop.

The trackpad is the same way. It’s a sizable trackpad with lots of room for movement that feels accurate and quick. Additionally, the touchscreen is simple to use and has the same feel as an iPad or an iPhone, rounding out the input. We have no issues at all with the input on this laptop.

In general, we have to admit that we really enjoy this laptop. The performance is excellent, the build quality is flawless, the display is amazing, the design is incredibly clean, and the keyboard laptop is excellent. The only real drawback of this laptop, aside from its 60 Hz display and lack of a USB type-A port, is its weight; at 5.3 pounds, it doesn’t really qualify as a portable device.

Rating:   9.8/10

Google Pixelbook Go – Phenomenal typing experience

The keyboard laptop on Google’s Pixelbook Go might be the ideal keyboard laptop—just right, but not too perfect. Equal parts hard and soft. Not overly muffled, not too loud and clicky. The Pixel Slate’s positive aspects are all removed by the keys, leaving only the negative.

There were some conflicting responses when Google unveiled the Pixel Slate in 2018. The fact that the tablet was “trying too hard to be a laptop” was one of the main concerns. It was actually quite close to being an excellent laptop, which was the tough part.

Its Pixel Slate Keyboard was a little fragile and wasn’t very secure when attached to the tablet. The sensation of the keys themselves, though, was winning over users of all kinds.

With their “hush” keys, Google is redefining silent, shallow, but tactile keys. These keys are nonetheless small enough to fit in a laptop with an amazingly thin profile even though they aren’t quite as shallow as something like Apple’s butterfly or “magic” keys may be.

They are also exceedingly quiet without giving up much of the delightful “clicky” feel that comes from using louder mechanical keyboards. You effectively get the Pixelbook Go in place of what the Pixel Slate may have been had it been created as a laptop.

Rating:   9.7/10

Alienware X17 R2 – Amazing mechanical keyboard

Gaming enthusiasts are likely familiar with Cherry MX mechanical keyboard laptop switches. They have evolved to define what a “mechanical” keyboard is. To meet the needs of keyboardists of all stripes, they provide a variety of switch kinds. Silent, tactile, linear, clicky, and other qualities all have a serious issue when used in a mobile environment.

These common Cherry MX switch types are all pretty big. They are 18.6mm (3/4 in) tall, to be exact. A laptop will already be at least an inch and a half thick once you’ve crammed these types of switches inside of it along with a motherboard, chassis, and cooling system.

the M17 R2 from Alienware. Why not collaborate with the known keyboard switch makers to create a new type of switch from the ground up rather than attempting to jam the traditional Cherry MX switches onto a mobile device, something those switches were never intended to do?

Rating:   9.6/10

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 – responsive keyboard and touchpad

All things considered, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has a superb selection of features, with the keyboard undoubtedly being the best. We heartily endorse the Surface 4 to anyone looking for a mobile device that delivers a fantastic typing experience because it is another laptop with an amazing keyboard.

This implies that even though it is modest, you still receive access to a better selection of I/O options. Even though it only has one USB type-C port and one USB type-A connector, the MacBook Pro has an endless number more USB type-A ports. However, unlike the MacBook, the Surface 4 does not support Thunderbolt 3 or 4, which is unfortunate in 2022.

It performs slightly better overall than the Pixelbook Go, but clearly not quite as well as the Macbook Pro. This finding is consistent with what the pricing points would imply. It’s a more moderate choice, and the cost unmistakably reflects that.

Rating:   9.6/10

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